Bartling Insurance Group




Big Coverage

As our name says we specialize in providing coverage and risk management consulting for BIG exposures. If your operations have either a catastrophic or high frequency nature, we can respond.

From our roots in the aviation practice we have evolved those abilities, think out of the BOX and create insurance solutions for BIG exposure.


  • Provided unique coverage for Air to Air filming/formation flights of aircraft for Boeing deliveries. Negotiated premium charge for the required higher limits on a per flight basis. Same customer provides frequent services to USAF and NASA. We review and negotiate all coverage requirements.
  • Provided coverage for Major Air Cargo operator hauling military supplies to Middle East. 3 year savings > $ 6 million. We review and negotiate all coverage requirements. Same customer operating 50 Heavy lift Rotorwing aircraft worldwide 350+ certificates issued without missing $1 in revenue.
  • Provided 10 yr. wrap-up policies for contractor building 2 forty story high rise towers 15 blocks apart. Negotiated terms and definitions to 1 location resulting in $ 2 mil annual savings. Also coordinated receipt/review/approval of all sub-contractor certificates.
  • Received approval for best in class client to provide painting services for composite material Boeing 787 Dreamliner. No Additional premium.
  • Provided Coverage for client with 1200+ 18 wheel tractor trailers incl. 10 axel Cozad trailers and 21 scrap steel processing yards producing $ 600 mil revenues. 20 yr. relationship.
  • Provided coverage for numerous FORBES 400 billionaires' personal and corporate aircraft; Boeing, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Lear, Beechcraft, Pilatus etc...
  • Major long term customer(s) in the hospitality Gaming Space...
  • AVERAGE customer loyalty is 15 yrs. +