Bartling Insurance Group




Big Service

We realize that in today's challenging business environment the more an organization can outsource they will. We are here to develop a comfort level so that you can move forward with confidence that we are working in tandem to forecast, analyze, implement and support your risk management needs. Once the proper program is structured and put in place we then become your service center for ongoing service whether it be a rush certificate or an ongoing lease negotiation we are available to you. Just like we were down the hall or across the street, we are not satisfied until your needs are fulfilled.


Our focus is to provide innovative solutions to what others have done and typically continue to do. We realize that the world around us is changing faster than ever; you need to stay out in front to maintain a competitive advantage. We are not the type of company who tolerates a "status quo" or complacency. We are constantly looking for ways to be disruptive in our industry.

You remember yesterday's term "THINK OUT OF THE BOX"? when it comes to large casualty driven insurance programs we invented it. For the past dozen years and for our principal a dozen before that, we look for creative ways to position our clients to achieve the impossible. We are constantly on the hunt for exposures where the insured either can't get coverage or the terms & conditions just don't work. That's when we bring BIG solutions.


As the name says if you are a commercial insurance buyer with BIG exposures we welcome the challenge to re-posture your account to the TOP tiered markets and deliver BIG results.

Typically we meet or communicate electronically and analyze your risk, listen to your concerns and desires, gather the necessary information to assemble a cohesive market submission, review the possibilities with our resources and return to round table the solutions we have negotiated.

Once we all agree on the direction in which to proceed that's when you will experience our BIG service commitment. Binders & evidence of coverage to all interested parties are the first priorities. From there we integrate our services closely with your needs & desires; we both learn how best to be useful without overtasking each other. Your needs are top priority in the relationship and we deliver. Anything from contract & lease review to quarterly claims audits, same day certs or premium indications we make the insurance process as painless and cost effective as possible.